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Work Samples

Valpar Component Work Samples

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VCWS 01 Small Tools (mechanical) assesses the ability to make precise finger and hand movements and to work with small tools in tight or awkward places.
VCWS 02 Size Discrimination assesses the ability to perform work tasks involving size discrimination, manual dexterity and finger dexterity.
VCWS 03 Numerical Sorting assesses the ability to perform work tasks involving sorting, categorizing and filing by number arrangement and using numbers and numerical series.
VCWS 04 Upper Extremity Range of Motion assesses upper extremity range of motion and work tolerance in the upper body.
VCWS 05 Clerical Comprehension and Aptitude assesses a variety of clerical work skills.
VCWS 06 Independent Problem Solving assesses the ability to pay attention to detail and to compare and discern differences among variously colored geometric designs.
VCWS 07 Multi-Level Sorting assesses the ability to make rapid sorting decision involving several levels of visual discrimination of color, numbers, letters and combinations of these.
VCWS 08 Simulated Assembly assesses the ability to perform repetitive assembly work requiring manipulation and bilateral use of the upper extremities.
VCWS 09 Whole Body Range of Motion assesses agility, and stamina through gross body movements of the trunk, arms, hands, legs, and fingers as well as the effects of kneeling, bending, stooping, repeated crouching, and overhead reaching.
VCWS 10 Tri-Level Measurement assesses work skills related to inspection and measurement tasks, ranging from simple to precise.
VCWS 11 Eye-Hand-Foot Coordination – Assesses the ability to move the eyes, hands and feet in coordination.
VCWS 12 Soldering & Inspection (electronic) assesses the ability to use small tools and to make precise hand and finger movements in close coordination with the eyes.
VCWS 15 Electrical Circuitry & Print Reading assesses work skills related to understanding and working with electrical circuits.
VCWS 16 Drafting assesses drafting and blueprint reading skills.
VCWS 17 Pre-Vocational Readiness Battery is designed to cover a wide range of populations from cognitively disabled to special needs students with specific learning disabilities.
VCWS 18 CUBE (Conceptual Understanding Through Blind Evaluation) is a multi-purpose battery of exercises designed to assess various skills and abilities that are used to compensate for loss of vision by the visually impaired and blind.
VCWS 19 Dynamic Physical Capacities assesses various physical capacities while simulating work of a shipping and receiving clerk.
VCWS 201 Physical Capacities & Mobility Screening evaluation assesses quickly a number of work-related physical capacities.
VCWS 202 Mechanical Assembly/Alignment and Hammering assesses work skills that require proper selection, placement and use of a variety of hand tools.
VCWS 203 Mechanical Reasoning and Machine Tending assesses work skills involving machine tending, positioning and guiding items into a machine or under a needle; and assembling and disassembly using hand tools.
VCWS 204 Fine Finger Dexterity assesses the ability to perform work tasks that require a high level of finger dexterity.
VCWS 205 Independent Perceptual Screening (Spatial Aptitude) assesses the ability to envision geometric forms and to comprehend two dimensional representations of three-dimensional objects.
VCWS 300 Series Valpar’s 300 Series Dexterity Modules are low cost, time efficient tools that measure motor coordination, and manual and finger dexterity. They are compact, portable and offer a variety of assessment protocols plus the advantage of MTM (Methods Time Measurement) industrial standards and DOT Worker Qualification Profile data. 300 Series tasks are Criterion-referenced to DOL (Department of Labor) standards. In addition, they offer ample opportunity to observe secondary characteristics, such as pain tolerance, sitting tolerance, and instruction following.
Spatial Perception Work Sample The BASES Spatial Perception Work Sample is a criterion referenced work sample and was developed to assess spatial perception, manual dexterity, finger dexterity, form perception as well as the ability to follow a diagram.

One complete set of B-Kits — modification of VCWS for persons with visual impairments — available for Work Samples 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, and 10.

VALPAR Component Work Samples are guaranteed against manufacturing defects and workmanship for one year from the date of shipment. Accessories not manufactured by BASES of VA are guaranteed by their respective manufacturer.
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