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Valpar International has announced that it will be closing in March of 2020. This in no way affects Bases of Virgnia, LLC and we will continue manufactuing Valpar Work Samples as well as parts and supplies. This is only affecting the software that Valpar International currently sells and supports.

Looking for a visually-based interest assessment that can be administered virtually with screen sharing?

Introducing O*NET Picture Interest Profiler

By Lynn R. Dowd, Ed.S., CVE, PVE Careerworks Inc.

The O*NET Picture Interest Profiler has reproducible materials that can be used with an unlimited number of participants. Best of all the materials can be legally shared via email, streamlining virtual practice.

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In response to the Covid-19 crisis Bases was able to switch its manufacturing of work samples to devices to assist other small businesses with reopening safely.

BASES is producing hands-off tools:

· Hands-off Door Handles
· Hands-off Door Openers
· Sneeze Guards (custom made)
· Surgical Mask Band for Ear Comfort

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Please contact Nancy Scott at info@basesofva.com or by calling 888.823.8251 for work sample prices.


VCWS 201 Physical Capacities and Mobility Screening Evaluation

Physical Capacities and Mobility Screening Evaluation

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Purpose: To quickly assess a number of work-related physical capacities. (The work sample is not a substitute for a medical examination.) In addition, the work sample elicits information on a variety of secondary characteristics, such as frustration control, concentration skills, communication skills, and self-confidence.

The work sample is well suited to a variety of work-hardening purposes.

Design: Hands-on hardware. The work sample has two sections, each with multiple exercises. The first section assesses dynamic strength; the second section assesses various dimensions of mobility.

Special Features: Scores may be interpreted against criterion-referenced standards or locally developed norms. The work sample may be used with disabled or nondisabled persons. The equipment is lightweight and portable.

Information Collected: The work sample produces objective scores on a variety of strength measures. In addition, the work sample exercises allow the evaluator to make pass/fail judgments on a number of dimensions of mobility. These scores have been referenced to the U.S. Department of Labor’s system of job analysis and classification, and may be used in conjunction with DOL publications such as Dictionary of Occupational Titles for vocational exploration purposes.

The evaluator assesses the evaluee’s areas of pain and fatigue throughout the work sample administration. Responses are recorded on body charts.

Procedures: VCWS 201 takes approximately 30 minutes to administer. The work sample is divided into two parts. Part one, Dynamic Strength, consists of six exercises: Lifting, Continuous Lifting, Two-handed Grip, Palm Press, Horizontal Press, and Vertical Press. Part two, Mobility Evaluation, has 15 exercises that require the evaluee to balance on each leg, walk forward, walk backward, walk from heel to toe, walk on toe, walk on heel, squat, climb, kneel, crawl, stoop, crouch, and more.


  • 1 weight scale
  • 1 standing platform
  • 1 lifting apparatus (bar, springs, chains, sheet metal plate)
  • 1 hinged climbing board
  • 1 5 ft. (152 cm.) cloth measuring tape
  • 1 pad of 100 scoring sheets
  • 1 pad of 100 body charts
  • 1 manual

Shipping Size and Weight: 26″ x 26″ x 6″ – 24 lbs.