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Valpar International has announced that it will be closing in March of 2020. This in no way affects Bases of Virgnia, LLC and we will continue manufactuing Valpar Work Samples as well as parts and supplies. This is only affecting the software that Valpar International currently sells and supports.

Looking for a visually-based interest assessment that can be administered virtually with screen sharing?

Introducing O*NET Picture Interest Profiler

By Lynn R. Dowd, Ed.S., CVE, PVE Careerworks Inc.

The O*NET Picture Interest Profiler has reproducible materials that can be used with an unlimited number of participants. Best of all the materials can be legally shared via email, streamlining virtual practice.

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In response to the Covid-19 crisis Bases was able to switch its manufacturing of work samples to devices to assist other small businesses with reopening safely.

BASES is producing hands-off tools:

· Hands-off Door Handles
· Hands-off Door Openers
· Sneeze Guards (custom made)
· Surgical Mask Band for Ear Comfort

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Please contact Nancy Scott at info@basesofva.com or by calling 888.823.8251 for work sample prices.


VCWS 205 Independent Perceptual Screening (Spatial Aptitude)

Independent Perceptual Screening (Spatial Aptitude)

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Purpose: To assess the ability to envision geometric forms and to comprehend two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional objects. The work sample simulates sedentary work and assesses the following physical demands: reaching, handling, fingering, feeling, near acuity, and accommodation. Significant general learning ability, spatial aptitude, form perception, motor coordination, finger dexterity, and manual dexterity are called for to perform the work sample exercises at a competitive level.

The work sample elicits information on several worker characteristics, including, among others, the ability to follow instructions, concentration skills, communication skills, decision-making ability, frustration tolerance, and self-confidence.

The work sample is well suited to work-hardening applications.

Design: Hands-on work sample hardware used in four separate exercises.

Special Features: Scores may be interpreted against criterion-referenced standards or locally developed norms. It is appropriate for disabled or nondisabled persons.

Information Collected: Each of the four exercises of the work sample has been analyzed according to U.S. Department of Labor job analysis techniques. The analyses resulted in four lists of rated DOL work-related abilities and other factors required for successful work sample performance.

The evaluator uses rate of work and error scores, adjusted by learning curve, to determine whether the evaluee has demonstrated the work sample exercises’ Worker Qualifications Profiles. Unadjusted rate of work standards are also provided for both single and multiple administrations of the four exercises.

Procedure: The work sample uses a screen with two arm holes through which the evaluee works. Following visual aids, the evaluee performs work that he or she cannot see.

Due to the short duration of the exercises, multiple administrations are recommended (but not required). In their standard format, all four exercises of the work sample take approximately 30 minutes to administer.

In the Pin Placement exercise, the evaluee must place pins in nine holes following a pattern illustrated on a card.

In the Pin Assembly exercise, the evaluee assembles a specified part on each pin using the illustrated card as a guide.

In the Beginning Assembly exercise, the evaluee builds a complex assembly of 21 parts in a specified order.

In the Advanced Assembly exercise, the evaluee builds a complex assembly of 21 parts in a specified order.

Components: The work sample consists of a four piece, hinged assembly board with folding sides and a screen with arm holes. It comes with the following parts:

  • Manual
  • Hinged Screen/Assembly board
  • Parts bin A with assorted steel rods, washers, hitch pins, hitch pin clips, and springs
  • Parts bin B with an assembly post and assorted springs, washers, hitch pin clips, hex bolt and steel flange
  • Laminated illustration
  • Evaluator scoring aid
  • Pad of 100 scoring sheets

Shipping Size and Weight: 26″ x 26″ x 8″ – 25 lbs.