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B-Kits – Adaptations For Persons With Visual Impairments or Blindness

Purpose: To adapt Valpar Component Work Samples 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, and 10 for use by persons with blindness and visual impairments.

Design: The B-Kits are modified hardware to aid in orientation, object identification, and sequencing of tasks; and modified instructions to enhance spatial visualization and task sequencing. Each has its own manual and norms.

VCWS 1 – Small Tools (Mechanical): The B-Kit includes a tool rack which organizes all of the tools by order of usage. The appropriate fastener is permanently mounted beneath each tool so that the evaluee can identify the correct part for a particular panel assembly. A “bin locator” is placed inside the appropriate parts bin and helps the evaluee locate the correct parts. An aluminum H-beam is included as a pre-test orientation exercise.

VCWS 2 – Size Discrimination: The B-Kit is a nut tray that fits in the area of the work sample where the nuts are normally placed. The adaptive nut tray organizes and separates nuts by size in nine bins. Above and behind each bin is the correctly sized thread for the nuts. The nut tray orients the evaluee to variously sized components and their proper assembly prior to the timed administration.

VCWS 4 – Upper Extremity Range of Motion: The B-Kit consists of a set of dividing clamps designed to provide a tactually distinct division of the panels inside the work sample. A divider is also included which separates the two nut sizes in the nut box.

VCWS 8 – Simulated Assembly: The B-Kit consists of a wheel guard which fits over the front top part of the work sample to protect the evaluee from the rotating assembly wheel. A wheel cover provides tactual cues that indicate when to begin the assembly. The rotation speed of the wheel is controlled by the evaluee using a foot control and platform which attaches to the existing unit. In addition, the black assembly pieces have been grooved to provide the evaluee with an additional discrimination cue.

VCWS 9 – Whole Body Range of Motion: The B-Kit is a set of molded plastic assembly guides for each of the shapes to be transferred. The assembly guides fit over the bolt patterns on each panel. All assembly guides are removable for work sample administration with sighted evaluees. In addition, there are raised numerals which identify the transfer panels.

VCWS 10 – Tri-Level Measurement: The B-Kit consists of an insert board on which are permanently mounted a micrometer bracket, length gauge, and caliper reference post. The insert board provides tactual referencing for machined-part tests six (Length Reject) and eight (Vernier Reject).

Shipping Weights: VCWS 1 – 12 lbs.; VCWS 2 – 14 lbs.; VCWS 4 – 7 lbs.; VCWS 8 – 23 lbs; VCWS 9 – 8 lbs.; and VCWS 10 – 6 lbs.