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Valpar International has announced that it will be closing in March of 2020. This in no way affects Bases of Virgnia, LLC and we will continue manufactuing Valpar Work Samples as well as parts and supplies. This is only affecting the software that Valpar International currently sells and supports.

Looking for a visually-based interest assessment that can be administered virtually with screen sharing?

Introducing O*NET Picture Interest Profiler

By Lynn R. Dowd, Ed.S., CVE, PVE Careerworks Inc.

The O*NET Picture Interest Profiler has reproducible materials that can be used with an unlimited number of participants. Best of all the materials can be legally shared via email, streamlining virtual practice.

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In response to the Covid-19 crisis Bases was able to switch its manufacturing of work samples to devices to assist other small businesses with reopening safely.

BASES is producing hands-off tools:

· Hands-off Door Handles
· Hands-off Door Openers
· Sneeze Guards (custom made)
· Surgical Mask Band for Ear Comfort

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Please contact Nancy Scott at info@basesofva.com or by calling 888.823.8251 for work sample prices.


T/PAL the Therapists’ Portable Assessment Laboratory

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Bases of Virginia, LLC is now selling the T/PAL which is a package of several products designed to aid in the assessment of clients’ or students’ vocationally-relevant skills and abilities, interests, and preferred modes of learning. The T/PAL may be used with students or trainees, job applicants, or clients in a variety of rehabilitation situations.
Included are 3 components

  • Portable Skills Assessment Module (SAM) consists of thirteen hands-on exercises along with software for scoring and report-writing. Included are scoring software to convert the SAM raw scores into MTM Rate of Work Percent Scores and WQPs and produces interpretive reports.
  • Career Assessment Battery (CAB) surveys student or client self-perceptions of ability and preference in twelve vocationally-relevant factors.
  • Vocational Learning Styles (VLS) surveys self-perceptions of preferred physical, social, environmental, and expressive modes of learning, especially as these may have vocational implications. The survey may be self-administered on a computer or administered to groups of persons. Results are automatically interpreted by software and a report is generated.

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